July 31, 2008

Shannon Needs...

I appropriated this neat idea from Dawn over at "Dawn's Daily Life" and thought it would be fun.

All you have to do is Google your first name with the word needs behind it. I typed in 'Shannon Needs,' and here are 10 of 4,490 results produced by Google....

01. Shannon needs to be more vigorously investigated by the Irish Government.
02. Shannon needs to do her homework.
03. Shannon needs to get a life.
04. Shannon needs to lay off the caffeine.
05. Why Shannon needs help?
06. Shannon: Needs Deleted
07. Shannon needs your help.
08. Shannon needs a roomy.
09. Shannon needs you.
10. Shannon needs to improve her dictation.


  1. Shannon needs a lot of things. Should I start a collection or something?

  2. That is hysterical. I think I "need" to do this one. Ha!

  3. what can i help ? lol!

    anyway, its the time of the month wherein I gave thanks to my top commenter and you are one of them.

    thanks for being one of my top commenters for two straight months!

  4. Indeed you do Mimi :)

    You are very welcome Milette! I enjoy visiting your blog.

  5. OMG roflmao @ Shannon needs to be more vigorously investigated by the Irish Government.

    Hmmmmm something we don't know about??? heeeheeheee

  6. Oh how cute!! I'll have to do this one too. Fun!

  7. Gina..I am headed to your site to check out your response :)

  8. LOL I did mine!!! Toooo funny!

  9. I started with WOW so I compared everything.


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