July 2, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #10

Wednesday Weirdness #10
Hosted by Amorous Rocker

1. Do you ever do your own fireworks show in celebration of the 4th of July? Do you go watch a display somewhere else? How do you celebrate? We always go to watch the local fireworks display. There is usually carnival rides, junk food and music to enjoy before the show starts at dark. Usually we go home and set off fireworks at the house but we have not done that in the last two years since it was so dry outside. We were afraid the forest would catch on fire. If it is wet enough this year we may set off a few pretties.

2. Do you ever buy extra fireworks while you can to stockpile and have extras packed away for whenever you feel like using them?
We always have bottle rockets and "black cats" in the house...it does not matter what time of year it is LOL.

3. Would you ever get anything below the waist pierced? No way in hell! I am not that brave.

4. Would you ever join the military?
Yes, if they would take me! Not sure they want a 37 year old with medical problems.

5. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
I like smoked Swiss, smoked cheddar and mild cheddar.

6. What are three things are you terrible at?
I am terrible at expressing my feelings. I tend to keep things to myself. I am also terrible at being mean to people. You can get more with kindness, so why be rude? The third thing I am terrible at is keeping the inside of my car clean! It is always a mess.

7. Do you always wash your hands after you use the restroom?
I always wash my hands after using the restroom. I am OCD about washing them :)


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