July 15, 2008

Tuesday Tunes: Domestic

Tuesday Tunes
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What's the most you've ever paid for a CD? What CD was it? I paid nearly $40.00 for a boxed set of the Trans Siberian Orchestra collection.

Do you own any CDs that aren't domestic? No, I do not own any CD's that aren't domestic.

How do you feel about European discs and Japanese discs getting bonus tracks and special packaging when the US does not? It does not bother me if they get bonus tracks or special packaging. Everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages.

Are there any bands/artists you go out of your way to purchase any release for? Aerosmith (did you really have to ask Mistress?) hehe


  1. Oh, I didn't count boxed sets!

    And you're right; everything does have its pros and cons!

    Good answers!

  2. I didn't count box sets either. If I did I have paid 50+ dollars for a couple of box sets back in the day. Aerosmith is a heck of a band.

  3. Of course and naturally, AeroSmith!

    Now Steven Tyler is singing and prancing through my head to Dude Looks Like a Lady.

    I love his daughter Liv. What a lovely and talented young woman she is.

  4. Thank you all three for visiting!

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Steven Tyler!

  5. Tee hee. Nope I wouldn't have guessed your answer for the last question. Nope not in a million years

    ~wink wink~

    Thanks for playing.

  6. Mistress...I know you would not have known :) ROFL!


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