July 17, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Vacation Spots

Booking Through Thursday: Vacation Spots
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Do you buy books while on vacation/holiday? Do you have favorite bookstores that you only get to visit while away on a trip?

I usually take a few books with me when I go on vacation/holiday or even just a day trip. Or I will take a variety crossword puzzle book with me. I have purchased books before while on vacation from the gas stations along the way, but I don't make a point of stopping just to purchase a book.


  1. I take crosswords, too, as well as wordsearches and sudoku books with me when I go places sometimes.

    Gas station book purchases have GOT to be expensive, though! YIKES!

  2. Wow. From what I hear from everyone is that they take more then one book. I have always only taken one and usually on vacation I never get to read. lol

  3. Sal...great minds think alike.

    Koolaid_Mom...I don't really like Sudoku but I do like word searches. Cheaper to buy the books than it is to buy a gallon of gas :)

    Confuzzled...reading helps me to relax more when I am on vacation.

    Chris...that is a good idea!


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