June 25, 2008

Take5 Tuesday: June 25, 2008

Take5 Tuesday
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1. 5 things you did this morning.
~*~I woke up at 6:30am.
~*~I went to work.
~*~I ran a few errands for work.
~*~I drank a Diet Dr. Pepper.
~*~I talked to my co-workers.

2. 5 of your favorite colors.
~*~Off White

3. 5 wishes, (instead of 3.)
~*~I wish my teeth were fixed.
~*~I wish I was in better health.
~*~I wish I had a million dollars.
~*~I wish I could move to Wisconsin.
~*~I wish I had a new job (in Wisconsin).

4. 5 words that describe you.

5. 5 dreams you’ve had.
~*~My teeth falling out.
~*~Automobile accidents involving my family.
~*~Automobile accidents with only me involved.
~*~Trips to Six Flags and getting lost there.
~*~Sleeping late and missing the bus/late for school/late for work, etc.

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