June 14, 2008

Saturday Social: Dad

Saturday Social
Hosted by Lisa

Today's Saturday Social Question:
What qualities do you think make a great Dad?

One quality that makes a great dad is that is he supportive of you no matter what you choose to do in life. A great dad will help you understand write from wrong...if you do something wrong he helps you to understand why it is wrong. A great dad provides you with unconditional love and offers you advice and guidance when needed (and some times when you don't feel that it is needed).

A great dad spends quality time with his children not quantity time. He listens to problems and helps solve them without yelling or ignoring the issue. A great dad is trustworthy, reliable, honest, firm and consistent.


  1. My Dad must be a great Dad! He has all of these qualities!

  2. Sounds like your Dad rocks!! I see where you get it from :)


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