June 13, 2008

It is all about "I"

I borrowed this meme from Gina. It was fun…feel free to borrow it too.

I AM…from Missouri, USA
I WANT…to win the lottery so I can retire.
I HAVE…to catch up on my laundry this weekend.
I WISH…my daughter all the happiness in the world.
I HATE…abusers, liars and those that steal.

I FEAR… death.
I SEARCH…for answers to some questions that will never be answered.
I WONDER…why the weather has been so crazy lately.

I REGRET…nothing that I can think of.
I LOVE…my children, my dogs, Steve and my brother.
I ALWAYS…try to be nice to others.
I AM NOT…always happy.
I DANCE…when no one is looking.
I SING…when no one is listening.

I CRY…when I hear about abused animals.
I WRITE…in my blog every day.
I WON…$5.00 on a lottery ticket once, a long time ago.
I AM CONFUSED…by some people's need to lash out when they are angry.
I NEED…to find something to eat for lunch.
I SHOULD…stop procrastinating and get some work done.
THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS…"Hopefully I will fall asleep soon!"


  1. Loved your answers! They actually seem "deeper" than mine. :)

  2. I want to win the lottery too. I am with ya on the weather-aaahhhh! Your dancing and singing sound like mine-lol! I love your last thought before you go to sleep. I did this one too. Check it out here.


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