June 14, 2008

Saturday Six: Heart Health and Loss

Saturday Six
Hosted by Patrick's Place

There is still a lot of shock over the sudden death of NBC newsman Tim Russert. This week’s edition will cover that loss and heart health.

1. Do you think Tim Russert was among the greatest or worst political reporters? I actually did not watch Mr. Russert that much. I don't think he was horrible...just didn't interest me.

2. What television public affairs/political program did you watch most often? None. I don't have time and when I do have time I am not interested.

3. If you were running for office, would you think you’d feel any apprehension about being interviewed by a reporter like Russert? No, I would have nothing to hide. If I have something to hide then there is no point in running for office.

4. Take the quiz: Do you know the facts about heart attacks? Count your correct responses: how many of the seven questions did you answer correctly?
I got seven out of seven questions correct. I try to stay current on heart attack information so that I am prepared when my brother has one. I know I won't be 100% prepared and it will still upset me BUT at least I will have knowledge on the subject.

5. When did you last get a check-up from your physician: are you overdue for a check-up?
I had my last check up in August 2007, so it is getting close to time for another one.

6. Where do you stand on the popular issue of exercise: do you think you get too much or not enough? Are you any more inspired by Russert’s passing to change this?
I know I don't get enough exercise and I am not more inspired by Russert's passing to change this. I am inspired to change by my children, my family and my friends. I want to be around long enough to see my great-grandchildren! or even my great-great-grandchildren.


  1. I got all of the answers right too! Heart disease is everywhere in my Dad's family! His dad died at the age of 43 and my Dad got a pacemaker at the age of 43. All of his siblings have had one of the following: bypasses, pig valves, pacemakers...

  2. Your dad was young when he passed. Sorry to hear that hun.


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