June 14, 2008

Saturday 9: Happy Father's Day Eve

Saturday 9: Happy Father's Day Eve
Hosted by Crazy Sam

1. How long since you have been with your dad? My father passed away on April 19, 1992. I was with him when he died.

2. How many siblings share your dad?
I have one brother, Brian, that is three years younger than me.

3. Will you see your dad tomorrow?
No. But I do need to visit his grave soon.

4. Do you give him gifts on Father’s Day?
I did when he was alive.

5. Have you ever had a tough time in your relationship with your father?
I think all children have tough times with their father. My relationship with my father was no exception.

6. What was the last thing that you did with your dad?
The last thing we did together (before he was too sick to leave his bed) was watch a movie. We watched Back Draft and he loved it! When he was a teenager up until his adult years Dad was a volunteer fireman.

7. Growing up, was your dad tough on you?
I don't think he was. He did believe in spanking as a part of punishment and I only remember getting six real spankings while growing up.

8. Are you close to your father?
I think we were close, not like best friends, but I could talk to him about nearly anything. He was always there when I needed him.

9. How long since you have spoke to him?
I have not spoken to Dad in 16 years.


  1. I'm sorry you lost your dad, Shannon. You are too young for that. Great post.

    My post is here

  2. It sounds like you had a great dad. Sometimes people are taken way too soon. I jope you enjoy your weekend!

  3. He was a pretty good dad. I agree, some folks leave life way to soon.

  4. This is such a wonderful post~memories! Bless you at this time! Mine is posted here.
    I saw this at your place and joined in.


  5. Thank you Mercedes and thanks for joining in!

  6. My dad was a spanker, too! But he gave it up when he realized that his kids feared him instead of loved him! Things got much better after that!

  7. Julie...I am glad things got better for you!

  8. This was a challenging set of questions for those of us who lost our fathers when we were young. I almost skipped it but decided to use this as an opportunity to reflect … and I’m glad I did.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Storyteller...I almost skipped this week also but it helped to bring back memories of the past.


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