June 26, 2008

3x Thursday: Random

3x Thursday: Random
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Got any big projects in the works? If so, what's on your plate? If not, are there any projects you want to start/take up? At work we are in the middle of a big conference...that is the only real thing I have going on right now. I would like to move soon...does that count as a project?

2. Do you have pets? Do you think pets could/are beneficial to helping to have a less stressful life? Why/why not? What are your general views on pets? I have two dogs and yes I think they are beneficial to helping me have a less stressful life. My dogs (and my children) give me a strong sense of responsibility and a reason for working/living.

3. Do you wear any jewelry? If so, what do you wear? If you don't wear any, why not? I wear a watch all the time. Sometimes I wear a bracelet and necklace but not too often. Most jewelry gets in the way while I am working.

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