May 14, 2008

Wednesday Mind Hump: Newspapers

Hello humpers! Today is Stars and Stripes Forever day, but we'll save that for the week of July 4. Instead, we'll talk about newspapers:

1. Do you read any newspapers on a regular basis? How many? I read at least five newspapers online on a regular basis. I also read three hard copy newspapers on a regular basis.

2. Do you prefer reading a hard copy of a newspaper, or online? Or both?
I like both versions. I like to read the online versions when I am sitting at my desk at work and I like to read the hard copy versions when I am on my lunch break or relaxing.

3. What's the top story in your town's paper today? Today's top story was "Irritant investigated" ---Some 22 vehicles, two tents and two helicopters were deployed Tuesday afternoon in the area of Cowan Drive near St. John’s Hospital-Lebanon after employees at a hospital business office and fitness center, 515 Cowan Drive, reportedly experienced burning sensations in their eyes and other discomfort.

4. Do you think newspapers are still useful? Or do you think they are dying and being replaced by other forms of media? I think newspapers are still useful. I doubt they will ever be completely replace by other forms of media.

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