April 21, 2008

Monday's A Bitch: Crackin' Up

Monday's A Bitch: Crackin' Up

1. What's your favorite brand of cracker?
2. Do you like crackers in your soup?
3. What's the best kind of cheese to put on a cracker? Or do you have a different favorite cracker topper?
4. Have you ever set off firecrackers? For what occasion?
5. Have you ever seen The Nutcracker ballet?

My favorite brand of cracker is Town House. I also like regular saltine crackers...the brand does not really matter. I love to put crackers in my soup, especially oyster crackers. Yummy!

I like American "spray" cheese for crackers but I also like to buy "cheese balls" and use my cracker as a scoop. My latest thing is the new cracker/pretzel things from Town House.

I have set off firecrackers and still do sometimes but only around the 4th of July (Independence Day). As kids, my brother, our cousins and I would have bottle rocket fights. Thank goodness we grew out of that!

I have never seen "The Nutcracker" live...but I would love to go!

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