April 7, 2008

Monday's A Bitch: Concerts

The Show Must Go On

1. What's the most annoying experience you've ever had at a concert?
2. Have you ever crowd surfed or experienced being in a mosh pit?
3. Do you own any concert t-shirts? Which is your favorite?
4. What's the loudest concert you've ever been to?
5. Of any performers who are now deceased,which do you wish you'd had the chance to have seen play live the most?

The most annoying experience I have ever had at a concert was 12 or so years ago. A few friends and I took our young kids to see REM at the local fair. There were a lot of people drinking which was not so bad...but then the women decided to go topless. This was annoying because of all the children there...it was billed as a "family" event, which is why we took the kids.

I have never crowd surfed but I think it would be a blast. Also, I have never been in a mosh pit...only been in really jammed packed dance clubs. I do not currently own any concert t-shirts. I think the last one I had was from the 1980's - Sawyer Brown! LOL

The loudest concert I have ever been to was performed by a somewhat local band (GTO). I have not heard them play for 7 years or so. I need to see if they are still around.

Of any performers who are now deceased, I wish I had the chance to have seen Lynyrd Skynyrd play live the most? I think a live concert by them would have been beyond awesome.

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  1. 1. When the crowd obnoxiously boo'd Hall & Oates for doing Christmas songs...at a Christmas concert.
    2. Nope, no desire.
    3. Lots; I don't think I have a fav.
    4. OMG John Fogerty, by FAR!!!
    5. Original Led Zeppelin.


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