April 7, 2008

Monday Music Mambo

Monday Music Mambo

Hello everyone! I don't like today's theme, so we'll do Friday's.
Friday was Vitamin C day.

1. What is your favorite band or artist whose name starts with the letter C?
2. What is your favorite song that starts with the letter C?
3. What is your favorite album that starts with the letter C?


1. Favorite Band/Artist - C & C Music Factory
2. Favorite Song - Crazy by Aerosmith
3. Favorite Album - Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  1. Thanks for mamboing! I used to own C&C Music Factory's album, back when I was a young'un.

  2. Thanks Russ :)

    Ahhh the young days..how I miss them.


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