March 22, 2008

Saturday 9 - March 22, 2008

1. When you go to a restaurant do you tip better if the waitress is good-looking?

No, I am not worried about how they look. I am more worried about how many times they refill my drink and how polite they are.

2. Have you ever asked anyone to turn off their cellphone in public because it bothered you?

Yes! Because we were in the doctor's office in the waiting room and that person was disturbing several of us.

3. Is your noon meal called "lunch" or "dinner?"

Here in Missouri, USA we call our noon time meal, "lunch". Dinner is usually around 5:30pm.

4. Do you generally make reservations first?

No. I prefer not to go to a restaurant that require a reservation.

5. Do you ask for a booth or a table?

It depends on the restaurant, but I usually ask for a booth. Booths tend to be more comfortable to sit in.

6. Do you ask for a doggie bag?

No. I have no use for leftovers LOL

7. Would you complain to the management if there were children crying nearby?

Again, this would depend on the restaurant I was in. It would take a lot of crying for me to say something.

8. Have you ever sent food back?

Yes! Many times I have sent back a steak because it was not done the way I wanted it.

9. Do you find servers singing "Happy Birthday" cute or annoying?

If it is happening to me, I find it annoying. If it is for someone else, it is cute.


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