March 21, 2008

Friday Fun: Spring Edition

Friday Fun: Spring Edition

Spring is here, finally, although in my neck of the woods, we are expecting snow and are under a winter weather advisory! So this week, we are all about spring fever!

1. Does your household do spring cleaning?
2. Do you approach spring with joy for all the newly growing things and the sight of grass, or does it just scream MUDDY FLOORS AND MOPPING?
3. Do you have a garden that you will be planting and, if so, what do you plant?
4. What is your favorite thing about springtime?


Shannon’s Answers:

01. I don’t like to clean! LOL It doesn’t matter what season it is. BUT our garage really needs a good cleaning. Maybe I can talk my son into doing it.

02. Spring is a great season! I approach spring with a smile. I love all the new smells and flowers blooming.

03. I would love to have a garden but we don’t have room for one. So, if I plant anything it will have to be in flower pots or window boxes...probably tomatoes.

04. My favorite thing about springtime is all the "newness"! I love the newly blossomed flowers and the budding trees...all the awesome smells.

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