March 31, 2008

Manic Monday - March 31, 2008

Manic Monday for March 31, 2008

What is the sexiest part of the body? I think the sexiest part of the body are eyes! Eyes tell a lot about a can see emotions (or lack of emotions) and you can "feel" how that person is.

If you kissed a frog, who would you like it to turn into?
If I kissed a frog I would want it to turn into a big pile of least a million dollars! Then I could pay off all my bills, get my teeth fixed and finally go on a vacation.

What do you have stuck up on your refrigerator right now?
I don't have anything stuck on my fridge, except maybe some dirt. I have not wiped it clean lately.

Come play along:


  1. Ah, another empty fridge! Finally!

    You are so right about the eyes.

    Feel welcome to visit my MM.

    Have a nice day.

  2. LOL, I envy you with the empty fridge, I do need to clean mine as well, even tho its covered in things, children's fingerprints are all over it as well lol.

    Great MM, stop by mine anytime, have a great week.


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