September 11, 2007

September 11, 2001 - Poem by Debi

(c) 2007 Written by Debi Fisher

In Memory of my brother who was under the WTC when the first plane hit and made it out . I WILL NEVER FORGET !

9-11, what a day
Six years ago
As we went
On our way

The sky was blue
The day was bright
Who ever dreamed
They would turn out the light

People looked up
Stared in disbelief
For days beyond
There’d be no relief

They came to destroy
Thought they could take
But only a stronger nation
Did they make

We regrouped and returned
Came back stronger than before
Terrorism again would not
Come through our front door

So united we stood
And together we’ll be
As we remember 9-11
And our country that’s free.

We continue to fight
And we all know the score
America won’t stop
Until this is no more

For this is the country
Of the brave and the free
And 9-11 reminded me
And made me see

(c) 2007 Written by Debi Fisher

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