August 10, 2007

Shannon's Medical Update

I saw the doctor today and got my test results. He said I have endometrial hyperplasia (a little information about it below). I will be using medication to treat it and in November I go back for another biopsy. Currently, it is benign.You can read more about it on WebMD:

“Various conditions both benign and cancerous (malignant) can affect the uterus, the hollow, pear-shaped organ where a baby grows. Fibroid tumors on the uterine wall are benign (not cancerous), and women who have them are not at increased risk for uterine cancer. Abnormal growth of cells in the uterus’ lining — called the endometrium — is called endometrial hyperplasia. It is the most serious benign uterine condition, and in some women it evolves into uterine cancer.”

Thank you all for standing by me through this! It is great to friends like you!


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