June 23, 2024

Sunday Stealing for 23 June 2024

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from SwapBot! Enjoy!
1. Are you double jointed?

I am not double jointed.

2. Are you ticklish?

I am not ticklish.

3. Cookies, cakes, or donuts?

My current choice is donuts.

4. Did you go to prom?

I did go to prom.

5. Do you bite your nails?

I do not bite my nails.

6. Do you enjoy dancing?

I enjoy dancing as long as no one is watching.

7. Do you forgive easily?

I can and do easily forgive my dog.  Humans....not so much.

8. Do you prefer to bathe or shower?

I prefer to shower.

9. Does your name have any special meaning?

Yes, for me it does.  For my first name I am named after Mike Shannon (Baseball announce for the St. Louis Cardinals) and my middle name is the same as my dad's middle name (just spelled differently). 

10. Have you ever gone camping?

I have been camping many, many. many times.   

11. Have you ever won something?

I have won a 50/50 drawing in the past.  Also, I have won a few work and school related awards.  

12. What did you last eat?

A footlong pretzel from Subway.

13. What's your longest relationship so far?

53 years in my relationship with myself LOL 

14. Have you ever been on a diet?

I have been on many diets throughout my lifetime. I did not stick to the diets for very long, because I like to eat.

15. Do you enjoy DIY or crafts?

I love crafting and DIY!


  1. I don't think I've eaten at Subway since pre-covid!! They didn't have foot long pretzels the last time I ate there. Are they good doughy pretzels like German pretzels??

  2. I like your answer to #13!! I like pretzels with mustard.


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!