April 7, 2024

Sunday Stealing: Stolen from Tuesday 4

Welcome to this week's Sunday Stealing, which was stolen from the Tuesday 4.
1. Name a TV series show or shows in which you have seen every episode at least twice:

M*A*S*H, The Golden Girls, Last Man Standing, Tool Time, Firefly, and Friends.

2. Name a show or shows you can't or would not miss:

There are not anything I can think of that I have to see.  If I miss an episode(s), that is fine.  

3. Name an actor or actors that would make you more inclined to watch a show:

Ryan Reynolds  

4. Name an actor or actors who would make you less likely to watch a show:

Angelina Jolie    

5. You're having a lovely dinner party for friends and family. What will you serve for appetizers, main course and dessert?

Appetizers will be a variety of fruits and veggies with different dips. Main course will be lasagna, and salad.  Dessert will be cheesecake. 

6. Snow storm! You've got house guests and you're all stuck inside for the night. What do you prepare for dinner. Will you watch a movie? Which?

We will have a variety of snacks instead of a full blown dinner as we watch a variety of movies.  Movies will be chosen from whatever is on Disney, Max or Hulu.l  

7. We are going into New York City for the weekend. Where do you want to go?

I would love to see Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.  

8. You are going to night school. They offer courses in writing short stories, painting, piano or guitar lessons, simple home repairs, baking, and gardening. Which do you pick (or make up one of your own) and why?

I pick simple home repairs.  I want to get better at doing things around the house by myself instead of hiring someone.   

9. Ever been to a Drive In Theater? Would you like to see Drive In Theaters make a come back?

I have been to many drive in theaters and loved them all. I would love to see them make a come back.   

10. Should towns provide community entertainment like bands in the park, fireworks on the 4th, community picnics or is the cost just too much?

I think towns should do things like this. I know of several people that would volunteer their time and talents to help out and I am sure every town has people like that.  

11. What would you change about your town if you had the power?

I would add more decent places to dine at.  

12. How often do you find yourself shopping for groceries?

At a minimum, twice a week.  Thank goodness for grocery delivery because I hate going to the store to shop.

13. Do you have a favorite night time snack?

Cottage cheese and sliced pears

14, Do you buy in bulk and what kinds of tips do you have to save money on grocery shopping?

I do not buy in bulk.  I look for sales to save money.

15. Let's have a picnic in the park. What foods are we packing and will we cook anything there or is it all prepared ahead of time?

Most of the food will be prepared ahead of time, like the potato salad, fruit, veggies, cole slaw and macaroni salad. While at the park, we will cook hotdogs and hamburgers.

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  1. Lulu: "Our Dada says that many, many, MANY years ago, his first date with Mama was going to a drive-in movie! They saw a double feature of 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Turner & Hooch'."
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, even back then it was all about the dogs, I guess!"


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