February 16, 2024

Getting Old Comes With A Price

I am not complaining about getting old....getting older is a privilege in my opinion. However, it comes with a price. I watch as my loved ones drift away. I watch from a distance as they grow and move on without me.

I have watched my loved ones die. Unable to help them. Unable to understand why they have to go.

I am learning how to live without them. I am trying to find a new "normal". The hole they left in myr world will never and can never be filled.

For me, I am no longer a daughter, I am an orphan.

I am no longer a Mom, I am just a mother. 

I am no longer a wife, I am now a widow. 

So, while I am thankful for getting older, I do realize it comes with a price.


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  1. Java Bean: "Ayyy, so true! You will always be Riley Bean's Mama, though!"
    Lulu: "We send lots of tail wags your way!"
    Oona: "And Oona and the Hipster Kitties send lots of purrs!"


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