October 22, 2023

Sunday Stealing: LEP

Welcome to this week's Sunday Stealing; stolen from League of Extraordinary PenPals!

1. October reading & writing goals and plans

I do not have any books in my queue at this time and I do not have any reading or writing goals or plans. I am just trying to take life day by day, sometimes, just minute by minute.

2. Something I did that totally paid off:

I moved to Wisconsin from Missouri in 2009.

3. I want to see this make a comeback"

80's music

4. Generational traits I really value:

Being independant, being self-reliant and being ethical.

5. Changes I’d like to see in my daily environment:

I would like to find my new "normal" as soon as possible. Life is kind of kicking my butt right now.

6. Favorite soup dishes:

Homemade Potato soup; homemade chicken noodle soup and ramen.

7. Start with the best part, or save the best for last:

Start with the best part.

8. The most chaotic part of my daily life:

Getting up each morning. It takes me a long time to get to sleep each night so in the mornings, I struggle to get out of bed.

9. If I could only eat 10 things, I’d pick:

Chocolate, burritos, hamburger, ice cream, cheetos, bread, bananas, apples, tacos and scrambled eggs.

10. What Autumn feels like where I live:

Warm days, and cool nights.

11. The teacher who would be most proud of me:

Brenda Taylor

12. My go to Halloween snacks & treats:

Carmel apples, popcorn balls, and rice krispy treats.

13. 10 ways my life is great right now:

I have an wonderful dog, an amazing family, a great job, a nice home, and a reliable vehicle.  Also, I am able to pay my bills and have a little bit of cash left over for my arts and crafts.

14. A perfect day indoors looks like:

Curled up on the couch, watching Game Show network, while working on my arts and crafts. 

15. Pumpkin spice…

I do not like pumpkin spice in hot or cold drinks but I do like it in baked goods.


  1. I don't think '80s music ever really went away. I own a LOT of it: Police, Talkng Heads, R.E.M., Tom Petty, Prince, etc.

  2. 80s music is cool. I hope you can find your normal soon.

  3. What do you watch on Game Show Network? We watch "The Match Game every night during dinner. I wish they had "Hollywood Squares," the ones with Paul Lynde on it.

    1. I didn't realized it would put my previous comment as from Anonymous.

    2. I like Family Feud, Switch, America Says, Split Second, Press Your Luck and People Puzzler.


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