September 30, 2023

Sunday Stealing: The Last...

 Welcome to this week's Sunday Stealing!

1. the last song you heard:

Dirty Deeds by AC/DC

2. the last food you ate

A breakfast burrito from McDonalds

3. the last drink you had

Iced coffee

4. the last line in a book/newspaper or magazine you read

"He was too far away to get a good look but didn't need a close exanimation to recognize a croquet mallet. Craig forces a smile and fought to slow down his heart as Mark held the wooden hammer out to him."   Book is Just Stay Away by Tony Wirt
5. the last movie you saw

A Man Called Otto

6. the last tv-show you watched

Last night I finished re-watching, Killing Eve.

7. the last news you read about your hometown

The obituaries. 

8. the last photo you took with your phone , with a little explanation
9. the last video you watched on youtube

Hit It by Snow Wife
10. the last thing you brought in the supermarket

Snacks to take to work.

11. the last time you were on an airplane

The last time I was on a airplane was in 2010 when I went to Florida for job training. 

12. the last long drive in a car

2016 - to Texas and back home.

13. the last telephone conversation you had

With a coworker

14. the last letter you wrote

I wrote thank you notes recently.

15. the last concert you attended

Caroline's Spine....I do not remember the year.


  1. I liked "A Man Called Otto." I also enjoyoed "A Man Called Ove."

  2. In liked Otto. I saw it on a plane!


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!