October 8, 2023

Sunday Stealing: Autumn Questions

Welcome to this week's Sunday Stealing!!
1. Are there any fall-specific hobbies or crafts you enjoy pursuing?

I am working on some fall theme plastic canvas kits.

2. Do you have any favorite fall-inspired recipes you like to cook or bake?

I like to make pumpkin bread in the fall.

3. Are you a fan of Halloween? If so, what's been your favorite costume?

I like cute Halloween decor and costumes. I do not get into the scary stuff.  My favorite costume is the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

4. Do you have any childhood memories related to the autumn season?

Going to the pumpkin patch / apple tree farm and picking our own apples and pumpkin.

5. What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy during the autumn months?

Bonfires, driving through the countryside, decorating the outside of my house, walking through a pile of leaves, and going to Farmer's Markets

6. Do you look forward to 'sweata weatha'? What is your favorite go-to outfit for Fall?

I prefer hoodies over sweaters.  My favorite go to outfit for fall is stretchy pants and a hoodie.

7. Are you a fan of pumpkin or apple flavored treats or beverages?

I like pumpkin and apple flavored treats but I do not like pumpkin flavored beverages.

8. Which fall scents do you find most appealing?

Fall Leaves

9. Do you like to visit apple orchards or pumpkin patches or corn mazes?

I do like to visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches.  But I have not been in many years.

10. Have you ever participated in or attended a fall festival or harvest fair?

Yes and yes.....but many years ago.

11. What's your favorite thing about autumn?

The beautiful fall leaves.

12. Are you more of a cider or hot chocolate person when it comes to fall beverages?

Hot chocolate.

13. What's your ideal way to spend a crisp autumn evening?

Sitting in front of the fireplace, with a cup of hot chocolate, with my dog by my side.

14. Do you like to dress up for Halloween? What's your favorite costume or what costume do you plan for this year? Do you like to make your own costume?

I do not like to dress up for Halloween and I do not plan to wear a costume this year. In the past I have made costumes but they did not turn out very great.

15. Are you a football fan? What's your favorite team?

I am a football fan and I love the Dallas Cowboys!

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