August 13, 2023

Sunday Stealing: 13 August 2023

 This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from The League of Extraordinary Pen Pals..

1. Things I would do first if I won a billion dollar lottery:

I would pay off my house and Jeep.

2. Something I probably spend too much money on:

My dog.

3. How I feel about the dentist:

I do NOT like going to the dentist.  Every time I think about going to the dentist I cringe.

4. Foods I am most picky about:

Chocolate and pizza.

5. Internet friends / penpals I want to visit in person:

Rose, Barbara, Mimi and Misty Dawn

6. My healthiest habits:

I take my medication each day.

7. Easiest, low effort foods and snacks for busy days:

Popcorn, yogurt and bananas.

8. Where I go in summer to unwind:

My bedroom

9. My comfort books, tv shows, and movies:

I do not have any comfort books or movies that I can think of. I do find comfort in watching MASH, and the The Golden Girls.

10. A list of good things:

Being alive, having a job, being able to help my husband and my go.

11. Favorite places to take photos:

My back yard or inside my house.

12. The routines and habits I stick to most:

Taking my medicine each day. taking the dog outside to potty when we get up in the morning; taking the dog outside to potty before we go to bed and taking the trash to the curb each Thursday evening.

13. Topics I’d love to learn more about:

Work related things and my ancestry.

14. This time last year ...:

I was going pretty much the exact same things I am doing this year. 

15. Favorite memories of someone I’ve lost:

As a kid, my son, Colt,  loved looking under all the machines at the laundry mat for quarters. Each quarter he found was like he struck gold. He was always so excited. 

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