June 17, 2023

Sunday Stealing: Stolen from SwapBot

 Welcome to Sunday Stealing!

1) What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Working on plastic canvas projects while binge watching a tv series.  Currently I am binge watching Grey's Anatomy

2) What do you look forward to every week?

I look forward to sleeping in late on Saturdays.  

3) Name three pet peeves you currently have:

My biggest pet peeve is when people expect me to 100% agree with their opinions, thoughts, beliefs, sexual preference, political stance and etc.  Two other pet peeves I have are: people that talk down to others and vulgar talk at the dinner table.

4) If you were to win an all expense paid vacation for two weeks to anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go? What are some of the things you would like to experience while you were there?

I would love to go to Ireland.  I want to see the Rock of Cashel, Dublin, Killarney and of course I want to kiss the blarney stone!   

5) What was one of your favorite toys as a kid? Did you save any special things from your childhood that you still have today?

On of my most favorite toys was my teddy bear.  I had her until I was 25ish years old (sadly I lost her when I moved). I do not have any special things left from my childhood other than photos.  

6) What is your favorite holiday? What is your least favorite holiday?

I love Independence Day (Fourth of July) and I hate Valentine's Day.  

7) Have you ever met anyone famous? What concerts have you attended?

I have met a few NASCAR drives.  I have not been to many concerts and at the moment I can only think of two....Carolinas Spine and REM.  

8) Are there any expressions that people use that really annoy you? If so, what are they?

 I find "with all due respect" to be very annoying.  I also find, "I know, right" and "clap back" to be annoying.

9) Do you like your name? Are you named after anyone? Is there a story how you got your name? Would you change it if you could? If so, what name would you give yourself?

I do like my name and would not change it even if I could.  My mom named me after Mike Shannon (Baseball announce for the St. Louis Cardinals)

10) It is said that it's the little things that make life worth living. Name five of those little things in your life?

My dog, having air conditioning in my house; having a very flexible full time job; having a vehicle, and the ability to see the crafts that I like to work on.

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