June 11, 2023

Sunday Stealing: Stolen From Swapbot

Welcome to Sunday Stealing!
*Have you tried anything new this year?

Not yet.  

*What would you do if you don’t have wifi for a week?

I would get a lot more sleep than I do now.  

*Do you like summer, why or why not?

I love summer! I love the warm temps and being able to go outside barefooted.  

*What’s one restaurant that you like in your city? what food do they sell?

I like the local Mexican restaurant.  They offer Mexican food and other items.

*Do you prefer digital book or real paper book?

I prefer a real paper book but I do not like storing them so I now read digital books.  

*What’s one thing that you are interested to buy, but it’s a bit expensive, so you haven’t bought yet?

A new Jeep.  

*What tea brands do you like?

Twinings English Breakfast Tea and Lipton

*What’s one food that you can binge eating a lot?


*Write one random thing that happened to you this month.

Nothing yet but it is still early in the month.  

*How many long-term penpals do you have right now? (people who pen pal with you for more than 3 years)


*If you own a small food trailer, what food do you want to sell?

Deep fried catfish, hushpuppies, baked beans, corn on the cob and sweet iced tea.  

*What’s one handmade gift that you received and really liked ?

My Aunt Charlotte made me a quilt when I was a kid and I loved it!  

*What’s your ideal Saturday like?

Sleep in as late as possible, get up and sit on my butt all day.  

*What things do you like to buy on Etsy?

Home decor.  

*What kind asian food do you like?

Ramen, pho, shrimp fried rice, chicken fried rice, dumplings and pilaf.


  1. I had a great aunt Charlotte. She was a great supporter of my mother.

  2. I love chocolate, but I don't think I could binge it...I would get overwhelmed too quickly!


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!