December 18, 2022

Sunday Stealing: December Questions

 This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from the League of Extraordinary Penpals.

1. My plans for December: Work, Sleep, Eat, and go to doctor appointments.

2. How energized I feel at this point in the year: I am not at all energized. I would rather hibernate for the winter.

3. The best things about the holiday season: When it is over.

4. Something that changed my perspective on life: The death of my son.

5. What I seem to get the most comments about: My emotional strength.

6. The changes I’ve made to my style: I wear a lot of tie dyed shirts now.

7. What gets in the way of my success: My own fears

8. News sources I trust the most: The local news and local newspaper.

9. Fictional characters that would easily fit into my life: Tim Allen from Tool Time; Rose from The Golden Girls and Gibbs from NCIS.

10. My relationship with spirituality: Not as strong as it should be.

11. How I feel when I’m being retrospective: Uncertain, sometimes motivated.

12. My thoughts on AI technology: I think AI technology can help make human lives easier.

13. The odd/weird things I do when nobody else is around: Have panic attacks.

14. What I do when I can’t sleep: Play games on my phone, watch tv, read, wander around the house and snack.

15. The winter/holiday season tasks I enjoy: None of them.

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