November 6, 2022

Sunday Stealing: Stolen from League of Extraordinary Penpals

Welcome to this week's Sunday Stealing!
1. Have you ever written to a celebrity? Did they respond?

I may have, but I do not remember doing so.

2. Do you read letters immediately, or wait until ready to reply?

I read them immediately and then take some time to think about my reply.

3. My preferences when it comes to reading:

I prefer to be snuggled in my bed, with the TV on while reading.

4. What I'm least likely to change my mind about.

I am least likely to change my mind about the brand of toilet paper I buy.  

5. The topics I would get wrong about during trivia:

History and geography. 

6. What I'm hopeful about right now?

I am hopeful for the changing work environment in my office.   

7. Philosophies I've learned/embraced from others.

Never stop searching for knowledge.  Set small, obtainable goals.  

8. What makes home feel like home?

My dog, family photos and lots of good memories make a home feel like a home.  

9. Talents and skills I like to cultivate

Being a good leader, being open minded and being a good friend.

10. What makes my heart race?

Climbing a flight of stairs.

11. What power means to me?

Complete control over my actions and my words.

12. Some of my comfort hobbies.

Crocheting and reading.  

13. Last time I was pleasantly surprised"

My birthday in October.

14. How was my October 2022?


15. Those who inspire my growth:

Family, close friends and coworkers.


  1. A stressful surprise birthday? I hope not! We both see power in the same way. Have a good week.

  2. I love your comment about setting small and attainable goals. I like to think of SMART goals -- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely -- but sometimes I need for it to be even more simple. I will remember small and attainable!


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!