November 8, 2022

30 Years Ago

Today would have been my son's 30th birthday. Colt is not here to celebrate.

Acute Myleoid Leukemia (cancer) took him away on March 10, 2016.

I miss Colt so damn much.
I miss his wonderful smile and his laugh.
I miss hearing him say "Hi Mama".
I miss talking to him and I miss hearing his voice.

I miss hearing "I love you Mama!".
I miss the "good morning", "good night" and "I miss you Mama", text.

I miss EVERYTHING about him.

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  1. Lulu: "We're sorry that what should have been a happy anniversary becomes a sad one instead."
    Charlee: "Yes we are. We Hipsters send lots of purrs your way."
    Java Bean: "And we dogs send tail wags!"


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