October 30, 2022

Sunday Stealing: Random Questions

 Welcome to this week's Sunday Stealing

1. What did you do today?

Absolutely nothing.

2. 5 things about where you live.

1. There are a lot of trails to ride your bike on.  
2. It gets really cold here in the Winter. 
3. Wisconsin Dells is about an hour away from where I live...good place to have fun with your     family.
4. Many beautiful areas to go hiking.
5. Lot of fun festivals to attend.

3. What are the must-sees sights around you?

Wisconsin Dells, House on the Rocks, the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, Lambeau Field, and the Riverside International Friendship Garden

4. What’s your favorite restaurant meal?

I do not have a favorite restaurant meal.

5. What was the last thing you cooked or ate?

I cooked and ate scrambled eggs.

6. What is something you learned from your grandparents.

I learned to always be kind.

7. What’s the weather like as you are writing your postcard?

Cloudy and cool.

8. Share an interesting fact that you’ve learned, and which most people are not aware of.

Nothing I can think of.  

8. Are there any local events or festivals in your area?

Butterfest, a holiday parade, and many others.

9. What was the last concert you attended?

I went to "Concert in the Park" several years ago.  I cannot remember the exact date or the band name.

10. What is your favorite charitable organization?

Local animal shelters and animal rescues. 


  1. Local charities are always good. You know them better. I give to some of the national ones, too, but more to the local ones.

  2. Local animal shelters are a good charity to support!

  3. I'm involved with a local library organization.


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