October 23, 2022

Sunday Stealing: Dare To Tell

Welcome to this week's Sunday Stealing
What type of day are you having? 

I am having a "stay in my pajamas all day" type of day.

Was there anyone who "made your day"? 

The DoorDash driver....he brought me Diet Pepsi.

 Are you liking how you look today? 

No. I am not wearing any make up and I am still in my pajamas. But I don't care. 

 Have you ever eaten a bug? Are you vegetarian? 

I have eaten a bug before.  I have also eaten a chocolate covered ant and a chocolate covered grasshopper.  I liked the chocolate but not the crunch.  So I will never eat those things again.  I am not a vegetarian.

 When was your last paycheck? 

Nearly two weeks ago.

 How many pets do you have? 

One.  My dog, Riley.
What kind of toothpaste do you use? 

I wear dentures so I do not use toothpaste.  I soak my dentures in polydent every night.

Are you closer to being rich or poor? 

I am in the middle at this moment....not leaning toward either side.

What was the last gift someone gave you? 

My husband gave me a beautiful necklace for my birthday.

Do you appreciate that person? 


Did you talk to anyone you didn't like today? 

No. Thank goodness. 

Do you like picnics? 

I do like picnics. I have not been on a picnic in years though.

What book are you currently reading? 

Zero In (Nameless: Season Two, Book 6) by Dean Koontz
What song did you last listen to?

Breaking the Law by Judas Priest

How many tabs are open on your computer? 

Currently I have three tabs open in my web browser.

Are you a very stressed out person?

I tend to get that way now and then.

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