August 21, 2022

Sunday Stealing: Friday Fill-in

 This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from Friday Fill-ins.

1. I am currently obsessed with watching all of  The Big Bang Theory episodes again.

2. Today I am happy because I woke up to enjoy another day,

3. The age I am is 51 and the age I feel is 80.

4. My favorite place is at home in my bed, watching tv and playing games on my phone..

5. Something I have been procrastinating is cleaning the house.

6. The last thing I purchased was groceries.

7. The thing I love most about my home is how spacious it is,

8. My most prized possession is my mother's candy dish.

9. If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be 30 years old.

10. My outlook on life is to live each day like there is no tomorrow.

11. If you want to annoy me, keep talking to me when I am trying to get something done.

12. I am completely defenseless when it comes puppies.

13. The bravest thing I’ve ever done was move out of my home state.

14. Something that keeps me awake at night is the fear of never waking up.

15. My favorite meal in the entire world is homemade chicken and dumplings, sweet iced tea and Mississippi Mud Cake for dessert.

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