January 9, 2022

Sunday Stealing: How Far Will You Go?

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from How Far Will You Go?.
1. What was the warmest welcome you’ve ever received?

The very first time I met my husband's parents. They were very kind to my children and to me.

2. What was the best thing about your youth?

I didn't have to pay bills when I was in my youth.  

3. Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met.

I have met several interesting people throughout my lifetime.  The most interesting person I met was many, many years ago.  I was really into NASCAR at the time and really liked Rusty Wallace (still one of my favorites).  I got to met him, in person....and it was awesome. He was kind and patient and was not in a rush to get through the long line of people waiting to meet him.

4. What is the least you’ve ever worn in public?

A one-piece swim suit.
5. What was the worst vacation you ever took?
A trip to Galveston, Texas back in 1989. Our truck broke down, we had no food and no money. We finally ended up limping the truck along until we got back to a truck stop near Mount Vernon, MO. We had to leave the truck there and get a ride from a friend.

6. What room in your home do you spend the most time?

I spend the most time in my home office (which is a four season porch).  

7. Who made the strongest first impression on you?

My co-worker, Megan.

8. What was the most surprising action you’ve ever taken.

I moved from Missouri to Wisconsin in 2009.  A few people have told me they never thought I would leave Missouri.  

9. When was your life most out of control?

After my parents died.  Even though I was 21, it was very hard to suddenly be an adult.   

10. What would you be best at, were you to change careers?

Other than a stay at home, millionaire, dog mom (I can dream!)...I think I would be best at a work from home management job.

11. What is the cruelest thing a person has ever said to you?

The last words my ex-husband said the day he left me, "My god, you are getting chunky!".  I did not do so well with losing the baby weight after having my son.  But I have always been a heavy girl (still am).    

12. What is the best thing you ever won as a prize?

I won a 50-50 raffle at a local animal shelter, almost $200, which was so awesome.  I donated it right back to the shelter for all the dogs and cats.  

13. What is your strongest argument against capital punishment?

If I were to have a argument against capital punishment, it would be that the punishment cannot be undone.  Once the person is dead, they are dead.  If a mistake was made, there is no way to fix it.

14. What have you been most ignorant about in life?

Politics.  I try my best not to get involved in political discussions.

15.Where would you most hate to be pierced?

I would most hate to have my nipples pierced.  I think it would be extremely painful.  

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