November 21, 2021

Sunday Stealing: Thanksgiving

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from Daily Good.
1) What teacher are you most thankful for and why? What did you learn from him or her?

I am most thankful for Mrs. Taylor, my high school math teacher.  She taught me how to not be judgmental and to always be supportive. 

2) What’s the season you’re most thankful for, and what’s your favorite part of each season?

I am most thankful for Summer.  My favorite part of summer are the  warm temperatures, and lazy summer days. My favorite part of Spring is flowers blooming, trees budding and baby animals.  My favorite part of Fall is the falling leaves, and the colors of Fall.  My favorite part of Winter, is when it is over!  LOL I do like watching snow fall, I just don't like shoveling snow or the cold temperatures of winter.

3) What electronic device are you most grateful for, and what does it add to your life?

I am most thankful for my cell phone, as it helps me keep in touch with my loved ones.  Being able to reach out to those I love at a moment's notice adds peace of mind to my life.

4) What musician or type of music are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful for 80's music.  I miss the "good old days" of music.

5) What are you most grateful for that brings beauty to your daily life?

I am most grateful for my dog.  She brings not only beauty to my life, she also brings me joy and happiness.

6) What philanthropic cause or organization do you feel thankful for?

I am most thankful to numerous rescue organizations and shelters that risk their lives saving the lives of a countless number of animals every day.

7) What foods are you most thankful for?

The foods I am most thankful for are any that I eat. I am thankful to have food in my belly and I am thankful for being able to feed my loved ones.

8) What local store or restaurant are you most grateful for? How does it contribute to your quality of life?

I am very grateful for the local grocery store (Hansen's).  All during the COVID19 scare, this store was open with excellent health protocols in place.  I was able to shop there with peace of mind.

9) What book are you most grateful for, and why?\

I am grateful for any and all books, not just one in particular.  Reading a book gives me the chance to escape reality for awhile and immerse myself in whatever world I am reading about. Doing so, helps me to relax and move on with life.

10) What act of kindness has made the greatest difference in your life?

Many years ago, my son and I stopped at Baskin Robins to get egg nog shakes.  I was down to my last few dollars, but I had promised Colt he would get his shake that day. When I get to the check out, I was told my items were already paid for. The soldiers in line ahead of us had paid for our shakes.  Colt ran over and gave them both a big hug.  I was in tears as I thanked them. I will never forget their kindness.

11) What challenging experience has ended up changing your life for the better?

Moving to Wisconsin from Missouri in 2009.

12) What vacation are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for the trip I took to Texas for Christmas 2013.  It was the last Christmas I got to spend time with my son.

13) Name three days in your life that you feel especially grateful for.

I am grateful for the day my daughter was born, the day my son was born and for the day my divorce was final (my first husband).

14) What product do you use on a daily basis that you most appreciate?

I am most appreciative of my Keurig, which I use on a daily basis to make coffee and tea.

15) What, from this year, do you feel most grateful for?

I am most grateful for being able to work from home.  My husband has a lot of health issues and I prefer to be as near to him as I can be each day.

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