November 7, 2021

Sunday Stealing: Family

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from Print/Discuss.
1. How big is your immediate family? Who are the members?

There are only five still alive that are in my immediate family.  My brother, daughter, husband and two grand children.  My son, parents, and both sets of grandparents are deceased.

2. Who are you closest to in your family? What kind of relationship do you have with that person? Is it like friendship?

I am close to a few people in my family, such as my brother and both sister-in-laws.  For me these relationships are full of unconditional love and support.

3. Which day of the year are you most likely to spend with your family?

Thanksgiving or Christmas.  

4. As a child, did you go on family trips? What do you remember about those vacations?

My family went on trips nearly every summer when I was growing up.  The thing I most remember from those vacations is now relaxed my parents seemed to be.  

5. Is there a black sheep in your family? What is different about them?

I am the black sheep of the family.  I did everything backwards in life....had children, got married then went to college.  

6. Do you know your extended family? How many of them have you met?

 I know and have met at least half, maybe more, of my extended family.

7. Have you ever been to a family reunion? How was it?

I have been to a lot of family reunions over the years.  Some were amazing, and some were just ok.  

8. Who are you most proud of among your relatives? Who do you look up to?

My sister-in-laws.  They are both strong, beautiful, independent women.  

9 What characteristics have you inherited from your parents? Do you look like them? Do you behave like they do?

I think I look like my dad, but I am a little crazy like my mom.  

10. Does your family have any heirlooms? Will you inherit anything that has been in the family a long time?

I am not aware of any family heirlooms in my family.  

11. What happens to old people in your family? Do they live with younger family members or move to a retirement home? How would you prefer to spend your old age?

My grandparents on my mom's side lived at home until they passed away.  My dad's parents never got the chance to get old.  I don't remember any old people moving to a retirement home in my family.  I prefer to stay in my own home for as long as I am able, then go to a nursing home.  

12. If you are married, how well do you get along with your in-laws?

I get along very well with my in-laws.  They are awesome people.  

13. What do people mean when they say, “you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”?

They mean you are stuck with your family no matter what, but you can always dump your friends.  

14. If you live far away from some members of your family, how do you keep in touch? How often do you communicate?

We keep in touch through text messages, phone calls and Facebook.  Some members and I do not communicate as often as I like.  Others, I communicate with daily.

15. Are you so close to any of your friends that you consider them to be like family?

Yes, several of them.

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