August 29, 2021

Sunday Stealing: One Direction Asks

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from One Direction Asks.
1. Are you a Jeopardy fan? Who do you want to replace Alex Trebeck?.

I do like Jeopardy.  I would like to see Aaron Rogers or Mayim Bialik replace Alex Trebeck.

2. What’s your favorite horror film?

3. Are you a possessive person?

I am when it comes to my family, my dog and my friends.  

4. Who is your idol?

Christina, Tami, Rose, Megan and several others.

5. List five things you can’t live without.

I feel I cannot live without my dog, family, house, vehicle and the Internet.  

6. Where do you feel home?

In my house, in my bed or home office.  

7. What are your three best qualities?

I am kind, open minded and hard working.

8. Name three things that make you happy.

My dog; a warm house on a cold winter day; and running around the house barefooted. 

9. What helps you when you’re feeling down?

Playing video games, going through old photos, listening to music and sleeping.  

10. Which big cities have you been to?

St. Louis, MO; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Madison, WI; and many, many more.

11. What’s your favorite love story? ( Book, film, etc. )

Gone With The Wind  

12. Talk about the best concert you ever attended.

I cannot think of any that I would consider the best.  

13. What’s one thing you don’t ever want to change?

My ability to put up with a lot of bullshit.  

14. What scares you?

Death scares me.  I do not want to die.  

15. What are three things you want to do before you die?

Visit Ireland; visit all the US States that I have not been to yet and become immortal.

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