June 8, 2021

You Are Loved

Today, when you look at your life, who you have become, be grateful that you've made it to today. I am sure you have had moments when you thought you were gonna drown. When you felt like you couldn't handle it any longer. BUT you are here and you are stronger than you thought you were. You are stronger than you think you are today.

You didn't arrive alone. You have had provision that surprised you, and support that helped hold you up You may not have even realized the influence that a simple smile may have had on your troubled heart or the hand that diverted that "last straw" that would have completely broken you.

Let the memory of your trials be a place of gratitude and the memory of your times of joy be sustenance for what may be hard today. If your days are easy right now, store the joy in your heart like priceless treasure! Be the influence of strength while you are strong. Be the smile, the comfort of provision, the words of experience. 

 Know that you are loved.

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