May 16, 2021

Sunday Stealing: Days of Gratitude

This week's Sunday Stealing is from Days of Gratitude.
1. Name something in the room you are grateful for:

I am grateful for my dog.  She is running around the room with a dog toy in her mouth.

2. Recall a favorite memory you are grateful for:

I am grateful for the time my son and I went sledding (over 11 years ago).  It was so much fun!

3. Who helped you today?

My husband.  He lifted a heavy trash bag out of the trash can for me.

4. What possession makes your life easier?

My cell phone makes my life easier.  It gives me piece of mind knowing family and friends are just a phone call or text away.

5. What’s the best thing that happened today?

My dog woke me up at 7:00AM to go potty.  After we came back in she decided it was still sleepy time so we took a nap.

6. Name something in nature that you are grateful for:

I am grateful for flowers/plants. I love having them inside and outside my house.  Flowers/plants bring me happiness.

7. What painful experience helped you grow?

The death of my son.

8. What is your best skill?

I think my best skill is typing. I type rather fast.

9. What person in your past are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for my Grandpa Henson (mom's dad).  He made my childhood better.

10. What risk are you most grateful for taking?

I am grateful for moving from Missouri to Wisconsin over 12 years ago.

11. Name something/someone that makes you feel safe:

Being home makes me feel safe.

12. Name a challenge you have overcome:

I went to college and got an Associates Degree while raising two children and working full time.  Then I went on to get a Bachelor's Degree.

13. What small things are you grateful for today?

I am grateful for my home, my vehicle and all the beautiful flowers in my yard.

14. What smell are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for the smell of lilacs.  Lilacs remind me of home (where I was raised).

15. What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment has been and always will be, the birth of my children.

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