March 27, 2021

Sunday Stealing: Cooking

This week's Sunday Stealing is from Food Questions.
1. How often do you make food and eat it? Every day

2. Do you consider toasting bread, preparing instant noodles, or boiling an egg to be cooking? Why or why not? I do not consider things like this to be cooking.  I feel that cooking is more the combining or mixing of different ingredients to make a final end result. Such as making a cake from scratch.

3. What’s your favorite dish to make? Homemade Mac N Cheese....see this post for the recipe.

4. Cooking or baking: what’s more fun? What’s more difficult?  I do not lot cooking and think it is difficult.  I thinking baking is fun and much easier (depending on what I am making).

5. Who did most of the cooking in your house when you were growing up? My mother.

6. How have you learned the cooking skills that you have? Self taught for the most part, though Mom and Grandma taught me the basics.

7. Have you ever taken a cooking course? If so, what did you learn? If not, would you like to do one? What would you like to learn? I don't recall taking a cooking course but I may have. I do not wish to take any cooking classes.

8. Have you tried cooking food from another culture? What did you prepare? How was it? I did while in collage for a Ethnic Diversity class I took. However, I cannot remember what I made. It must have turned out ok because I do not have any negative memories about it.

9. Is it cost-effective to do your own cooking? Can you save money by cooking? I do think you can save money by cooking at home. Plan your meals, buy what you need and save some cash.

10. Would you rather do the cooking or do the washing up afterwards? I would rather do neither of these things but if I have to choose, I would rather wash up afterwards.

11. Do you use recipes to cook? If so, where do you get the best recipes? Do you get them from friends, family, online, or from cookbooks? I use recipes now and then,  I find recipes online for the most part but I also ask family and friends for their recipes.  I even own a few cookbooks.

12. Have you ever tried to prepare some food and just totally ruined it? What happened? I have ruined lots of food, along with overcooking, undercooking, and burning food.

13. Do you prefer cooking at home or eating out at a restaurant? Why? I prefer eating out a restaurant because I don't have to cook or clean up if I dine out.

14. Is cooking a social activity for you? Do you like to do it with other people, or do your prefer to do it alone? I prefer someone else do the cooking!  LOL But if I have to cook I prefer to do it alone.

15. Do you have a lot of cooking equipment? How often do you use it all? Do you have any pieces of equipment that you rarely ever use? I do not have a lot of cooking equipment, mostly a few pots and pans, hand mixer and a few odd things.  I use the pots and pans daily. I rarely use the hand mixer.

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