January 31, 2021

Sunday Stealing: Animals

This week's Sunday Stealing is from ESL Conversations.
1. What is your favorite animal and why?

I love dogs.  Dogs provide unconditional love and excellent companionship.
2. Are people animals? What separates humans from animals?

I have wondered this for many years. Some human behavior seems to be very animalistic.   

3. Which animal is the most dangerous?

I think mosquitoes are the most dangerous.

4. What should you do if a bear approaches you?

I would stand very still and hope the bear avoids me.  

5. Do you like dogs? Why do people call the dog, man’s best friend?

I love dogs.  Dogs provide unconditional love and excellent companionship.

6. Do you enjoy going to the zoo? Some people consider zoos to be cruel environments for animals. What do you think?

I do enjoy going to the zoo, but it does make me sad to see the animals caged.  

7. Where is the best place to see animals in your country? In the world?

In the USA, nearly anywhere out in the county.  In the world, I think Australia.   

8. Are you a vegetarian? What makes some people give up eating meat?

I am not a vegetarian but I do understand why people give up eating meat.  Each person has their own reason for not eating meat.  

9. Which animal is most helpful to humans?

I think bees are the most helpful to humans.

10 If you could be any animal (besides human), which animal would you like to be?

I would like to be a dog.  (I seem to be having a "I love dogs" theme going on. Sorry to sound like a broken record!)

11. Who would win in a fight between a tiger and a lion?

I think the tiger would win the fight. Tigers seem to be bigger and more powerful than lions.  

12. What do you think about hunting animals? Would you like to try it?

I have tried it and I hated it.  I will never do it again.  

13. Books like “Watership Down” and “Animal Farm” give animals human characteristics like human thoughts or language. Is this how you think animals really are? Or are those really just stories about people?

I think those are just stories about people.

14. Some animals are endangered due to illegal poaching. How do you feel about this issue?

 I think NO animals should be poached so as to prevent more endangered animals.  The animals that are endangered need to be better protected and those hunting them should be more severely punished.

15. If we can bring an extinct animal from the past back with genetic engineering, should we do it? Which animals should we bring back?

We should bring back the West African Black Rhinoceros, the Woolly Mammoth and the Passenger Pigeon.

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