September 5, 2020

Sunday Stealing: Personal Development

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from Personal Development Magazine.

1. A person I like and why I like them: My co-worker, Megan. She is kind, caring and open minded.

2. A famous person I’ve been compared to: No one.

3. Best thing that happened to me this week: I began moving to my new house.

4. Weird things I do when I’m alone: Nothing I can think of.

5. How I’d spend $10,000: I would adopt a puppy and buy new furniture.

6. My last night out in detail: I do not even remember the last time I went out!

7. Something that makes me sad when I think about it:  Losing my dog, Shelby on February 8th.

8. Something I’m currently worrying about: Everything.

9. Something I do without realizing: I talk over people.

10. A drunken story: None that I can think of.

11. Something I regret: I was not by my son's side when he died.

12. 5 things within touching distance: Headphones, sunflower seeds, hand lotion, a bottle of water and my monitor.

13. Something I’ve lied about: My saying I am happy at times when I am actually sad.

14. Lyrics that apply to my current mood: So now go do the best things in life, Take a bite of this world while you can, Make the most of the rest of your life, Make a ride of this world while you can 

15. My longest relationship: I have been a sister for 47 years, a mom and Aunt for 31 years and with my husband for 19 years.

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