April 9, 2008

Five Things

Five things I collect:
~Stuffed Teddy Bears
~Boyd's Bears
~Cherished Teddies
~Mary Moo Moo's
~Ty Bears

Five things about my hair.
~Dark Brown
~Hard to Brush
~Takes a long time to dry

3. 5 random things about your pets.
~Bella is 8 years old
~Shelby is 4 years old
~Bella is black
~Shelby is brown
~Bella and Shelby are dogs

4. 5 things in your junk drawer.
~Small trash bags
~Wire cutters
~Duct Tape

5. 5 of your favorite summer foods.
~Barbecue ribs
~Grilled burgers
~Sweet Iced Tea

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