May 2, 2020

Sunday Stealing: Conversation Starters
This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from Two Drifters.

1. What is your favorite song lyric? Why? "These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase."  From The Immortal by Evanescence.   

I like these lyrics because they are how I feel about the death of my son. Words like these lyrics are very hard for me to express. So hearing the lyrics help me to cope.

2. Who was the worst teacher you ever had? A teacher I had in high school, I do not remember his name right now, but he always looked at the ceiling and he would never look anyone in the eye.  He gave me the creeps.

3. What were 3 things that scared you as a child? Dying, my loved ones dying and being alone.

4. What are 3 things that scare you now? Dying, my loved ones dying and being alone.

5. Would you rather have the power of time travel or the power to see the future? The power to time travel.

6. Money, power, or good looks – which would you rather have an unlimited supply of? I would rather have money.

7. Are you jealous of anything? I am jealous of those that have a dog or dogs.

8. What makes you feel most loved? Any act of kindness that comes from the heart and not because that person wants something.

9. Do you believe in soulmates? I do.

10. What is something that made you laugh the most? My dog.  I really miss her.  She died on 08 February 2020, she was 15 years old.
11. What were 3 of the happiest days of your life? The day my daughter was born, the day my son was born and the day I met my husband.

12. What is your biggest flaw? Being kind to people no matter how mean they are to me.

13. Who would play you in a movie about your life? Drew Barrymore

14. What is something you experienced that you have no explanation for. When I was a kid I saw a man with a long brown hair, wearing a long blue robe, walking a big shaggy dog by the creek near my house.  I was freaked out and ran as home as fast as I could.  I thought it was Jesus and he was coming to take me to heaven.  My mom laughed at me and told me I was crazy.

15. What is the saddest book you ever read? Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

16. What is your dream home like? Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open floor plan for the kitchen/dining room/living room area; with a finished basement; three car garage....and the house sits on at least 50 acres.

17. What creature/insect would most creep you out if you found it crawling on you? A cockroach.

18. What’s your preferred Monopoly piece? The dog.

19. What was your most embarrassing moment? I have experienced many embarrassing moments in my life.  At the time of the embarrassment, it made me feel horrible. But I managed to survive all embarrassing moments so far. 

20. Could the earth be flat? The Earth could be flat, but it is not flat.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Losing our pets is always such hard thing.

  2. I like My Immortal - great song.




  3. I think all of us chose "money." But you're the only one who chose Drew Barrymore!

  4. Love My Immortal--and the words speak to me too. Lot's of loss this last year and some.


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