March 22, 2020

Sunday Stealing: Coronavirus Questions

This week's Sunday Stealing is from Pandora. She posted a bunch of Coronavirus  questions on her blog and shared them with all of us. Thanks, Pandora!!

1. Has the COVID-19 affected your work environment? Yes. I have been working from home for a week now.

2. How are you feeling about the Coronavirus? It scares me. My family and friends getting sick scares me. Them or me dying scares me.

3. Has anybody you know been tested / have you? I have not yet been tested but I know a few people that have.

4. Do you have any friends stuck in any exotic locations? No.

5. Have you changed any of your personal habits due to the pandemic? Yes. 

6. What is the craziest thing you've seen or heard about the outbreak? The whole toilet paper panic buying craze. I understand why some people are doing it but I do not understand those that buy in bulk then resell it at crazy prices.

7. Do you think our politicians are doing enough to curb the crisis? I think so.

8. Have you stockpiled anything because of the crisis? Not yet.

9. What do you think you will miss the most if you are subject to a lock in? I miss talking face to face with family and friends. I miss hugging my loved ones.

10. What is the weirdest rumor you've heard about the virus? I heard people under a certain age were immune.

11. Do you have a favorite meme about the virus? I do not.

12. Has the virus made you grateful for anything? The virus has made me grateful for technology; without it I feel as if I would not be able to keep in touch with all those I care about.

13. Have any of your plans been upset by the outbreak? Yes, but that is fine with me.

14. Are you planning do to anything different because of the COVID-19 outbreak? Stay home as much as possible.  Not visit family and friends. 

15. What do you hope to see in six months time? In six months, I hope the entire world is on the downside of this virus and folks are recovering and getting the needed vaccine. 

16. Has the Coronavirus upset your mental health in any way? In every way possible so far.


  1. Technology surely has been a good thing during all of this, allowing people to keep in touch while still remaining safely isolated. The downside, however, maybe what the 24/7 coverage is doing to our mental health.

  2. Lulu: "This coronavirus thing sure has turned everything upside down."
    Charlee: "Not literally of course."
    Chaplin: "But it would be pretty cool if we got to walk on the ceiling."


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