January 26, 2020

Sunday Stealing: Winter Questions

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from Swap Bot.

How do you get past the gray skies during winter? I think of sunny days and count down the days until Spring.

Do you like snow? Why or why not? I like snow as long as I do not have to shovel it off the sidewalks, or drive in it.

What are your favorite activities to do during the winter? Stay at home, drink hot chocolate and read a good book.

What does a perfect winter day look like to you? Stay at home, drink hot chocolate and read a good book.

What are your favorite meals/food you enjoy eating during the winter? I enjoy things like beef stew and biscuits; homemade chicken and dumplings; and chili.

What is your favorite winter holiday and why? Any holiday that I do not have to go to work.

What is your favorite pizza flavor and toppings. Thin crust pizza, with garlic butter as the sauce, topped with lots of mushrooms and bacon.

What are some items in your daily bag/ backpack. Cell phone, medication, identification and my wallet.

Your favorite snacks. Chocolate, popcorn, and ice cream.

Some foreign countries that you would like to visit: Ireland

What things that remind you of home? The smell of lilacs, the smell of pipe tobacco, and peonies in bloom.

If you have one, some items from your Amazon Wish list: I mostly have books on my Amazon Wish List and a few baby Yoda items.

What was your favorite Christmas gift? This beautiful necklace my husband gave to me.....

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