December 22, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Sleepy Rambles
This week's Sunday Stealing questions were stolen from the Sleepy Rambles.

1. Do you ever give things away to your friends? 

Every now and then I give things away to my friends.

2. Does it make you uncomfortable when your parents talk about finding people attractive? If your parents don’t make comments like that, what sort of things can your family members say that do make you feel uncomfortable?

My parents died many years ago, I do not really remember them talking about finding other people attractive. However, if they did, I would not have been uncomfortable. Lying, stealing, cheating....that makes me uncomfortable. (and no, finding someone else attractive is not cheating....acting upon that attraction is cheating!)

3. Have you ever heard of an “alternative spring break”? Have you ever participated in one or known someone who has?

I have hear of and participated in an alternative spring break (when I was in college).

4. Is there anyone’s friendship or relationship, in particular, that makes you jealous? 

I cannot think of anyone's friendship or relationship that makes me jealous.  

5. Is there a book series where you loved the first book, but for some reason the other books in the series just didn’t measure up? 

Many book series tend to be like this for me, but I still read the series so I can find out the ending.

6. Are you a registered voter?

I am a registered voter! 

7. Are there any stores/restaurants that you would like to shop/eat at, but there aren’t any located near enough to you?

 I love the fast food place, Sonic.  However, the closest Sonic is over 100 miles away.

8. How many people would you say you are close with? Who are they?

Not very many.  My brother, sister-in-laws, my husband's parents, Rose, and a few others.

9. Do you ever have smell hallucinations?

I do have smell hallucinations now and then. There are times I can smell my Dad's pipe tobacco (he died in 1992). I can smell "home" at times....home meaning, the house I grew up in. I have not been in that house in over 25 years.

10. Is there something that you did not used to take seriously, that you either now take seriously or wish that you had in the past (e.g., a relationship that you miss, your education, etc.)?

I take life in general very seriously.  Life can be lost in a blink of an eye, so the time to live is now.

11. Are there any subjects that you are interested in so much that you would read whole books or academic journals about them?

Not particularly.  I like a wide variety of subjects and know a bit about each of them.

12. Are you physically affectionate with your friends?

I will give someone a hug or receive a hug occasionally but that is all.

13. When you were in school, did you witness a lot of bullying? How did the teachers react to name-calling or violence?

I did witness a lot of bullying towards me. I do not remember teachers reacting or really even noticing the bullying.

14. If there is a specific celebrity (or two, or three!) that you dislike, is it because of petty reasons or is it because they’ve done something absolutely damning in your mind?

I do not like Angelina Joile. I think she is a horrible actress and too dramatic. 

15. Are any of your friends/relatives actually impressive artists or writers? 

I have several friends that are writers!  Check out the books by James V. Viscosi!

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