November 24, 2019

Sunday Stealing: SwapBot

This week's Sunday Stealing questions were stolen from SwapBot.

1. You can breathe underwater or be able to fly. Which one would you choose and why? I would choose to fly. I want to see everything from the sky...a bird's eye view.

2. What's your go to order at a cafe? Coffee and a salad.

3. Where do you feel the safest? At home!

4. What is the one book or book series you could reread without getting bored for the rest of time? Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

5. You will receive ten million dollars, but you need to spend one million dollars in 24 hours to receive the other nine million tax free (and you can’t tell anyone what you’re doing). What do you spend it on? I would pay off my debt then spend the rest on items for local shelters/rescues. 

6. What was your favorite vacation to date? I have many, but my most favorite is Daytona Beach, Florida.

7. Is there any scent that reminds you of a specific memory? What is the scent and what does it remind you of? There are many scents that triggers specific memories for me. The smell of Kool Filter Kings cigarettes reminds me of my mom. Prince Albert pipe tobacco reminds me of my dad. Lilacs remind me of my grandparents.

8. What is your favorite TV series? Do you have just one or more? My most favorite TV series in M*A*S*H, but I also like Good Eats, Good Eats The Return, Good Eats Reloaded, the Holiday Baking Championship shows, the Holiday Cooking shows, and a few others.

9. They say that in life you need to try everything. Are there things you will never try? I will not try to climb Mt. Everest....too scary for me.

10. If I ask you to close your eyes and remember a picture of you, what do you see ? I see me when I was younger and happier.

11. What was your childhood bedroom like? I had a lot of stuffed animals, and books in my room.

12. Are you a GoodWill, or any second hand store customer? I like shopping at second hand stores. Some of the best finds I have ever found have been at those types of stores.

13. How do you feel about the death penalty? For the most part I am for the death penalty.

14. If you could live in any fictional world, where would it be? Azeroth

15. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits and have you had any experiences with them? I believe things happen that cannot be explained and there is zero reasoning to why they happened. I have had a few experiences where it could not be reasoned or explained.

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