October 12, 2019

Saturday With Shelby - October 12, 2019

Photo (c)2019 Shannon G. Wamsley
Shelby wondering what is up with this crazy weather!
Is it raining or is it snowing?!
Photo (c)2019 Shannon G. Wamsley
Time for a nap!
Photo (c)2019 Shannon G. Wamsley
Sleepy time.
Photos (c)2019 Shannon G. Wamsley
Photos taken 12 October 2019

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  1. Charlee: "Maybe it's raining and snowing at the same time!"
    Chaplin: "What would that even be called? Rowing?"
    Lulu: "No, 'rowing' is what Dada does on the rowing machine. I would go with 'snaining'."
    Charlee: "That's the worst word ever."


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